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Antique Boxes & Antique Tea Caddies

We stock a range of decorative wooden boxes such as antique tea caddies, antique candle boxes, cutlery boxes, wall boxes and antique salt boxes.

Antique wall boxes were originally made to provide useful and easily accessible storage, and to keep valuable items such as candles and salt safe. Antique candle boxes are taller than they are wide and were, as the name suggests, used to store candles in. In the days when candles were the only form of lighting it was important to know where your candles were stored and to be easily able to find them in the dark.

The antique candle boxes we sell are mainly Georgian in oak, mahogany, or oak cross banded in either mahogany or walnut.

Antique cutlery boxes come in a variety of styles and designs. The ones we sell are similar in size and shape to antique candle boxes, the difference being that the design on the front makes it clear the box was made for cutlery rather than candles.

Antique salt boxes are more of a square shape, and were used to keep salt (which would have been in blocks and chunks rather than the granules that are used today). Most of the antique salt boxes we stock are Welsh Oak from the 18th century.

An antique tea caddy is a box, jar or canister that was used to store tea in. Tea caddies were made in porcelain, wood, tortoise-shell, pewter and silver. Wooden tea caddies often have two compartments for storing different teas. Since tea was expensive in the 17th and 18th centuries, caddies were often very finely crafted, and lockable. By Victorian times tea was much more affordable and the use of the tea caddy declined. The antique tea caddies we stock are mainly 18th century, from the Georgian period.

We also sometimes have in stock other types of antique boxes, such as writing slopes. These were boxes with a sloping top and fold down lid. They would have been placed on a table, and used as a writing surface. These antique writing boxes typically have a variety of compartments for little bottles of ink, pens and stationery items.

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