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Antique Pottery & China

We stock a range of antique pottery items such as Staffordshire dogs and figures, Masons Ironstone vases, jugs and dishes, Lustreware (Lusterware) jugs and plates.

Staffordshire dogs and other figures are so called because they were made primarily in the Staffordshire county of England. The area became known as “The Potteries” because of the huge volume of pottery works located there from the late 18th and throughout the 19th century.

Ironstone was a dense, hard, durable white earthenware, developed in Staffordshire in the early 19th century. In 1796 Miles Mason signed a series of manufacturing and distribution agreements which marked the start of the company that became known as Mason’s Ironstone. In 1813 his third son, Charles James Mason, was granted a patent for the manufacture of “English porcelain,” a white stoneware that he marketed as Mason’s Ironstone China.

Lustreware was a type of pottery that used metal oxides to give an iridescent effect. The lustre technique was known and used in ancient Roman times. As mass production became possible in the 19th century, the use of lustre became popular. Silver lustre actually employed platinum to produce the appearance of solid silver. Adding different amounts of gold produced colours ranging from rose, to lavender, copper and gold.

Lusterware was made in various areas of England, including Staffordshire, Yorkshire and the North East. Sunderland lustreware has a characteristic mottled pink lustre.

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